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123movies is a famous movie site most internet movies enthusiasts visit stream and download movies. Although its official shutdown, it seems as though the site is active, considering that its fame did not go down. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the information about 123movies (also called 123go movies or movies123 go). We would give a detailed overview of the site, its safety, features, and its method of use for streaming or downloading of 123movies online. Even more, we would expose you to many mirror sites of the 123movies and provide a detailed review of each. That, much more than any other site can give you. 

Gone are the days when we have to wait in a queue for watching our favorite movies. Today, all we have to do is to get our screens ready with just a click to our favorite movie. Today, the entertainment world situation has gone upside down, where the streaming sites have opened up new opportunities for the movie lovers to suffice their entertainment craving on a smart screen. One such site is 123movies which serves a new entertainment portal for streaming the best movies in the world of entertainment. It contains an amazing mix of blockbuster movies suiting the need of every movie-junky. Also, accessing the site using the VPN is the safest way, which also helps to protect against different viruses and malware attacks.

Review of 123movies mirror sites

Proxy siteReview
* No signup required
* Easy to navigate
* Good movie catalog
* Requires registration to download movies
* Multiple pop-up ads
123movies4u.coPros :
* Multiple streams and download server
* Fewer ads
Cons :
* Requires signup to download movies
* No ads to stream and download movies is not difficult
* login required
* Shabby interface requires VPN to unlock all the features
123Movies.menPros :
* Still online
Cons :
* Requires search to find movies
* Hardly find recent movies
* Multiple redirects
* Movies are mostly trailers
0123movies.comPros :
* Relatively large movie catalogue
* To stream and download movies is tranquil. 
* Multiple, selectable number of servers
Cons :
* Frequent redirect
* Requires search to find movies
123moviesandtv.comPros :
* Brilliant interface
* Wide range of available video quality
* No redirects
* No pop-up ads
Cons :
* Requires signup to stream or download movies
123moviess.onlinePros :
* Broad range of selectable servers (up to 120)Easy to use
Cons :
* Requires search to find movies
* Regular redirects
* Frequent pop-up ads
* No HD video quality
123movies.onPros :
* Large movie catalogue
* No signup or login required
Cons :
* Multiple redirectsMany pop-up adsFew number of serversLewd adsNo HD quality for all movies
123movies.netPros :
* Excellent GUI
* Multiple servers (up to 200)
Cons :
* Frequent redirect
* No HD quality
* Less ads
* No redirects
* No HD quality
* Most videos are trailers

123movies down the years

The problem of users since the official domain is down by MPAA in 2018

In 2018, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) named 123Movies as the world’s most popular illegal site with a record of about 98 million visits per month. However, before that, the 123moviez site provided movies and TV streaming services for free, even without registration. Even so, copyright protected contents were also available on the site without legal permission.

The rise of this Vietnam based website became a threat to content creators. That is because they made readily available, visual contents with copyrights. Even more, the Vietnamese authorities foot a criminal investigation against it, which lead to the sudden shut down of this website. 

I’m sure you think that this is not a happy ending for this Robin Hood site (steals copyrighted or paid videos and hands it over to the masses). Well, it is not! For one reason, its massive traffic is too eye-catching for site creators to resist. Consequently, 123movies clone sites rose and are keeping the network active. Thus, the rise of many questions from 123moviers such as; is 123movies down at all. 

Over the years, 123Movies changed its domain from the official 123movies site (123movies.to)  to 123movies.is, 123Movies.com, 123Movies.sc, gomovies.to, gomovies.is Gomovies123, and the latest Gostream.site domain. There are a lot of questions asked on the internet today about 123movies, and this article will answer all of those inquiries.

Is 123movies legal?

To give a precise answer, it is not legalmore on Wikipedia! If it were, authorities would not hunt them down. However, there is a slight twist to this answer. In the western world, like the US or UK, there are strict copyright laws. Hence, displaying any copyrighted content would require the site to obtain a license without which, would require prosecution. 

On the other hand, other countries do not have a strict or effective policy against piracy or copyright. Thus, providing a loophole, they can utilize. Precisely, duplicating or sharing any US copyrighted footage is illegal in any part of the world, but reaching persons outside the US is almost not possible. 

Another loophole 123movies and its clone sites use is linking. Specifically, to avoid been hunted down, many 123movies sites provide a link to the pirated contents rather than hosting them. More so, they do not allow user-uploaded content to prevent users from uploading pirated content.  

Overall, 123movies provide a lot of copyrighted movies and TV shows, which governments in specific countries hunt down. However, watching from these sites pose less of a threat because there has been no record of prosecution for people who watch pirated content. 

Is 123movies safe?

It is hard to put a simple answer to this question. That is because reports show that many clone 123 sites host malware and viruses. Conversely, some do not. Besides, these 123 ISPs make a profit through advertisement. As a result, ads regularly pop-up between interface. Worse yet, these ads could contain viruses and malware or might link you to sites that steal personal data. 

Is 123movies safe for my laptop/phone or tablet

Your laptop, phone, or tablet faces significant potential risks when you watch free movies on 123movies online. First of all, since the site is illegal, there’s a high likelihood that the site has viruses or malware. More so, you could ignorantly click on a link that will bring viruses or malware directly to your laptop or even take you to unsecured sites. 

Finally, the 123 movies site may cause actual damage to your laptop or mobile device. You may notice that your device slows down or heats up when you watch movies 123. That is because it occupies more GPU to connect and also stream the video that you want. Furthermore, your processor can permanently damage after constant usage of the movies123.net and other related sites. 

Features of 123movies or gomovies

  • User-friendly interface: This feature applies to both the app and webpage. On the homepage, there is a wide range of movies available for a simple “click and watch.”  Also, the files on the homepage sort into different categories for easy navigation for non-tech savvy persons. There is a full list of the videos available on the site, arranged in alphabetical order in the A-Z category. Much less, there are TV series, top shows, country-specific groups, and more. 
  • Excellent search and filter feature: Although the sorting of movies on the site or app is brilliant, there is a search feature that improves the ease of surfing the page. So, users can type the title, genre, or producer of such footage on the search bar, and relevant videoes will come up. The site also features an excellent filter to narrow down the search result as well as get the most suitable option.

Also, the 123movies allows users to request for unavailable movies. 

  • Download option: Unlike other movie sites, this one allows users to both stream and download videos. Even so, it provides an HD quality for all the movies available. 
  •  No login, signup, or paid subscription: One singular reason the 123movies site has so many customers is that it is free. The website or app does not require any signup or login. Even so, it does not request for a subscription fee. By the way, there are clone sites that ask for credit card details to confirm the user’s identity. We advise that you do not provide such detail because it is a scam. 


  • It has fast streaming speed with multiple links 
  • Streaming and downloading movies are easy
  • All videos are available in HD quality
  • Compatible with smartphones, Windows, Mac OS, etc.


  • There are a lot of clone sites with malware and viruses
  • It is an illegal site

How to watch 123movies for free

We show you a detailed guide on how to watch 123movies for free. Yet, before that, we would answer a few common questions about watching movies on the123 sites.

123movies free movies online entertainment

123movies free movies online is an escape for getting the entertainment experience of the next level. Watch Free 123 movies comprise a user-friendly interface, a wide variety of content, as well as free of cost and registration, makes it a popular choice among entertainment hunters. To watch HD movies online free, 123movies site is an amazing and safest online movie streaming site. Whether you are an adventure hunter, or a comedy lover, or drama,123Movies to watch free movies available for a kid to adults and more. Not only this, but you can also download tons of your favorite movies by using our feature of all free movies on 123 movies. Get the ease of searching the content that you desire the most with free 123 Movies Online. The selection of the movies and access to it becomes all more enjoyable when we know that all the connections are secure. To ensure this, all you have to do is;

  • Select a secure, high speed VPN, which provides sturdy encryption. Particularly for movies streaming, getting a global server is a better option as it helps to bypass every geo restrictions.
  • Enable the VPN installation and get it connected to your target country server.

Now you are good to go to enjoy that movie that you crave for.

Should you watch movies on the 123movies site?

Although 123Movies have attracted millions of users monthly, some people are still skeptical about using this site. Fear, privacy, and rectitude are a few factors, among others, that trigger such doubt. Correctly, some footages or ads on this site contain malware and viruses. Even more, there is no guarantee of the privacy of the user’s “personal” data. Lastly, the fact that MPAA declared the site illegal puts some people off. 

Yet, most of these factors decrease with a good anti-malware and spyware, alongside an excellent performing VPN.

How does 123movies work?

If you read the explanation on the legality of 123movies, you would have an idea of how the site works. First, the site allows cyberlockers to host trending content from famous sites like Prime, Amazon, Netflix, etc. without hosting these videos. By that, they cannot be responsible for piracy even if the contents from these cyber locks have copyrights. 

Although there are 123movies APK as well as 123movies browser extension for browsers by different providers, its overall concept remains the same. So, to watch 123movies, you can download the app and stream or download the movies. Alternatively, you can download via google chrome extension or watch online and download via the webpage. 

Downloading the 123movies app

There are many versions of this app available for download. More, there are many webpages dedicated to these apps. However, it is worth mentioning that some of these apps are fake and contain viruses and malware. For that reason, we advise that you check for the reviews on each app before downloading any. Even more, because many reviews on the 123movies app could be fake, visit renowned webpages to confirm.  

After downloading the app, you can navigate through the interface to find the movies you intend to watch, then stream online. You can also search for videos via the search panel. Alternatively, 123movies provides options for download and offline streaming. 

Using the 123movies chrome extension

This method allows users to stream or download movies then view offline. To do that, first, add the google chrome extension to your browser. Then, enable the 123movies.link (1234movies.to or 123movies.go). Visit the site and play the video. Alternatively, a pop-up icon will be available on the video for download. To download, click on the icon, and an external link to download the file will appear. Copy and paste the link on the browser on the phone to start the download.

How to unblock 123websites

As mentioned earlier, after the site’s shutdown, many mirror sites came up and are keeping the network active. However, specific governments like the UK government continually restrict access to these proxy sites. Thus, if you are in these countries where the site is geo-restricted, you will not be able to access this site. 

There are two ways to get 123movies unblocked from anywhere around the globe. Namely:

  • Proxy sites
  • VPN

123movies Unblocked Mirror & Proxy Sites to Watch Free

The world of entertainment is evolving, and therefore our need for it too. However, this need becomes stress when we are unable to access our favorite show or the movies that have been the talk of the town. To help access these, 123movies unblocked sites like this 123movies can be used which help you swap across different platforms for getting the movie, show, or series that you desire. 123movies unblocked new website provides you entertainment at any time and anywhere, no matter the place. Unblock 123Movies lets you have the best time on the internet where you can unblocked mirror & proxy sites to watch free content that you desire. New 123Movies Proxy Unblocked is a treat for the avid streamers which lets you safely explore the entertainment world like no other. All you have to do is to either get the VPN or a Proxy site, for 123Movies unblocked new sites and overcoming any restrictions to entertainment. These are suggested as they help save your precious time and help you get most of the trending movies, 123Movies unblocked streaming site is the best for binge-watchers who get to access free movies, shows, and series. The installation of the VPN makes all attempts of hacking impossible as well as restricts any third party to view your online activity.

With the best 123Movies Proxy Unblocked 2020, let’s wait no more and jump into the world of streaming.

123movies helps you stream movies & tv shows free, where you can watch every genre movie for free. It lets you jump in the world of streaming to tune your smart screen for suiting your entertainment craze. Visit 123movies using a VPN to watch TV shows & movies online free which can be browsed through different devices at any time. 123movies is a safe movie streaming site for free online content from anywhere around the world. 123movies new site name provides a centralized entertainment package to provide you with the content that you were looking for.

So what are you waiting for? Visit 123Movies proxy sites to stream online and get your popcorn ready to enjoy the best streaming site like no other.

123movies proxy sites

For a start, more proxy sites come up as much as they go down. These mirror sites are so many that misspelled searches like 123movieis, 123moview, 123movis, 123moviews can lead you to a 123movies webpage. So, one way to access the 123movies is by visiting new proxy sites. Below are a few of these mirror sites.

  • https://123moviestv.to/ 
  • https://123movies4u.co/ 
  • https://123movies.unblockall.xyz/ 
  • https://123Movies.unblockall.org/ 
  • https://123Movies.men/ 
  • http://www.123movieshd.ws/ 
  • http://123movies.best/ 
  • http://123movie.mn/ 
  • http://0123movies.com/ 
  • http://www.123moviesandtv.com/ 
  • http://123moviess.online/ 
  • http://123movies.onl 
  • http://123movies.net/ 
  • http://123movies.men/
  • http://123movies.unblocked.re/ 
  • http://123movies.immunicity.re/ 
  • http://123movies.bypassed.re 
  • http://gostream.is 
  • http://123-movie.ru 

123movies or alternatives to watch movies online in 2020

123movies or gomovies provide access to streaming sites, where we can watch everything and every movie for free. To be honest, there’s no one that has not jumped on the bandwagon of the free-streaming website. However, one must be careful and take precautionary actions against the malware attacks that the sites pose. This includes the installation of a strong antivirus or firewall. Some of the features that promote one to enter this entertainment portal are;

  • Easy to Navigate Sites

To sustain the user’s interest and offer them an experience to remember, 123movies.to provides an easy to access and easy to navigate site which can easily be handled by a non-tech savvy person. You don’t have to be Dexter for getting to watch movies, where 123Movies to watch Movies 2020 is all about that. The user-friendly site, easy to access movies, and friendly interface is your calling to the entertainment world. 

  • Wide Selection of Movies

To suffice the need for every entertainment hunter, we provide a wide selection of movies. All you have to do is visit 123Movies to Watch Free Movies and type in the search bar the movie that you want to enjoy. Remember to enter the name, title, and year for getting most appropriate results. Ensuring this will provide you with all relevant videos and movies. This filter option is most effective as one doesn’t have to wait long to get the search results one seeks. 

  • Cost Free Access

123movies.to Alternatives streaming websites are most popular among the individuals because of their easy to access feature with no need for purchase. The far-reaching impact of these sites is due to their feature of providing access to content including famous series, top shows, country-specific popular content, and much more.

Unblock 123movies with VPN

A VPN is a service that continually changes IP address and location to a Secure Server to keep internet users anonymous when browsing. This change of IP address and device location with encryption of the user’s data provides so much benefit. First, it enables users to access a blocked or geo-restricted website. Also, VPN protects users from spying organizations, cyber threats, and the government. Most importantly, it disallows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from collecting a user’s browsing log or activities.

So, using an excellent VPN to unblock 123movies will afford you two things — access to movies and privacy; thus, security from the government.  There are many VPN in the market today, but below are a few we recommend.

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN 
  • CyberGhost VPN 

The trustworthiness of 123 Movies

123movies rating on TrustPilot (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/123movies.to) is a measly two stars of five. That is because most users complain that they got scammed of money as well as encountered lewd ads. Yet, among the numerous 123 sites, the ones that did that remain unmentioned. 

Below are a few comment Redditors made on 123movies and their proxy sites.

One user proposes the new official site of the main 123movies. However, it is hard to prove or believe.

user proposes the new official site of the main 123movies on reddit.com/u/SarWiley

This user recommends 123movies for its multiple server options, good quality, and blazing speed.

 user recommends 123movies for its multiple server options on Reddit

This comment is a complaint about the lewd pop-up ads.

movies streaming user got pop up ads, reported on reddit

Here is another post.

movies 123 and go movies user comment on r/piracy

Top 123movies alternatives that you should try

Because of its legality and safety issues, many experts recommend that you do not watch movies on 123movies. More so, many different 123movies alternative streaming sites provide you with free content. These best alternatives 123movies includes; 

1. Putlocker

This website happens to be one of the best sites for me and a superior alternative to the 123movies site due to its sheer depth of enormous database. Millions of movie lovers choose Putlocker as their favorite free online stream site for TV series and movies. A lot of reviews have proved that it has a clean window, and it is relatively accessible everywhere. Unlike other free online sites, the Putlock has the categorization of video content according to genres, year of release, countries, cartoons, animes, and recently added. Also, it keeps users updated on the latest movies. Even more, you can download any of these movies or tv series if you want to. 

2. Primewire

Primwire is an online media streaming site that provides you with free music, films, and other media. The primewire website supports itself by using ads, on the site’s sidebar, or in front of some media. However, this site is not always safe as you will still get pop-up ads that can lead you to an unsafe website or attempt to download malware to your computer or mobile device. Nonetheless, you can prevent unnecessary ads through the use of adblocker. More so, it offers you music that most other sites don’t and allows you to put together playlist files already in the site. However, it does not let you see another user’s playlist. 

3. FMovies

FMovies is a series website that allows you to stream and download movies for free through the links and embedded videos you find on the website. The site originated sometime in the year 2016 and later blocked from Google searches that same in December. In January 2018, FMovies site identified as a notorious market alongside other piracy sites by the US government. More so, in October 2018, a Swedish ISP company called Telia was ordered to block FMovies of which they appealed, but Motion Picture Association of America reported the site amongst many other piracy sites. It was blocked by Australians and Indians, while Sweden blacklisted them amongst other streaming sites as the year went by. Nonetheless, as of November 2019, two to four different FMovies websites are running, yet their locations are unknown until now. 

4. WatchFree

Just as the name goes “watch free” you can always watch movies for free on this website. It allows you to watch full-length HD movies and also tv shows. However, it is quite different from other sites as it does not operate on a traditional database. Precisely, it directs you to places where you can watch your desired movie. This thorough approach to finding content on this site enables you to make the best out of entertainment. More so, the watch free movie site lists all the necessary information on films of various forms while it focuses on the newest features around. 

5. Vumoo

Vumoo is slightly different when compared to many online sites, as it does not offer much in the categorization section. However, it is a decent alternative to have, even though you will not find some genres. For example, talk-show, triller, news, reality-tv, romance, short, Sci-Fi, and so on. Neither will you see any trending lists or year wise list. The only way to enjoy this site is when you specifically know what you are looking for or what you want to watch. In other words, you can only search for movies by title. There are no thumbnails of recent films or footage available on the site. More so, you do not have to necessarily dig-up all the time as there is categorization for TV series and movies

6. Rainierland

For movie lovers, Rainierland is a household name. However, if it is new to you, it is your chance to know and bookmark it for future reference. It is a popular alternative for 123movies, which you can consider. It is easy to navigate and has clean UI. More so, it comes with categorizations such as Cinema, latest, popular, IMDb, and so on. It has a search bar that allows you to type in what you’re looking for precisely. The website has a vast database that enables. Thus, most of the movies 123movies provide are most likely to be on the site

7. OnlineHDmovies

This site is simply an excellent platform that can easily be an alternative to 123movies. It’s a platform for watching the latest HD quality movies. The website provides you with all the latest and top-class videos. More so, at the platform of the Onlinemovies, you can enjoy an unlimited number of free length movies for free. It’s a site that allows you to get complete entertainment without going through any registration process, paying anything, or giving your credit card details. Most movie lovers provide priority to this site as it has a simple user interface that is easy to understand and manipulate. 

8. Tinklepad

This website is a google search engine based website that contains a large number of movies and tv shows that can be searched, streamed, and downloaded. It ranges from classic to newly released or latest films. The site boasts as one of the best sources on the internet as it provides you with the links of top rated movies, all in high qualities. It features an understandable and smart interface, and it is into two main sections of the category and search system section. The search section locates at the center of the website where you input the name of the movie you want to watch. For the categorization section, it contains options of movies, recently added, latest, popular, genres, and so much more. However, Tinklepad does not upload or host videos at all. Instead, it provides you with all the links where you can get the movies or films you desire for streaming or downloading. 

9. NewMoviesOnline

This site is an excellent movie streaming site that provides movie lovers with a collection of high-quality movies. More so, this site can easily be accessed anywhere around the world. The site has three different basic approaches to finding information. Firstly, you can utilize the search bar area by merely giving the correct name or video and movie. Secondly, there’s a category section that classifies into tv shows, new release movies, release year, and most included highlights and top of the line. Thirdly, you can investigate through the movie section for the most popular activity, puzzle, drama, short, game, thriller, and many others. Also, there’s an answer that allows you to download your favorite movie without any limitations or hindrance. 

10. LosMovies

The LosMovies is a free movie streaming site that allows you to watch classic and latest videos, all in high-quality. It has a massive collection of best movies due to its vast database. More so, the website divides into several categories, such as family, romance, action, adventure, war, superhero, Sci-Fi, and so on. Each group is regularly updated with new videos to deliver the latest and complete trends. The site sorts movies by countries, years, and actors. Also, it features a top movie section that contains all the top-rated videos and has tv shows with complete episodes that users can share without limitations.

Final words

123movies is an illegal site that provides movies for internet users at no cost. Although the official 123movies website is down (like www.123movies.to), many clone sites keep the network active. There have been many complaints about these clone sites, but its overall performance is still valid. 

The information captured in this article is all you need to know about 123movies and 123movies new site 2020. So, while giving it a try, make sure to follow the instruction provided for safety and the best result. 

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