6 new Approaches to overcome a Content Plateau

Content creation is, first of all, a concept that requires consistency and creativity. But sometimes, you get to that point where everything is far-fetched, and it’s like you’re uphill. You’re struggling to push out content, and a decline seems imminent. This situation is not uncommon, especially in terms of content because for every milestone, you need to employ a different strategy. If you are seeking for a next-level approach, this article is a must-read as was stated by the experts from However, 

Examine your approach

You’re safe because evaluating your strategy is easier with google analytics. With it, you see what’s happening. The analysis is through and through. It will show; your keyword strength, a change in publishing schedule and the strength of your content.

You may also consider the following;

  • Duration of content publishing – weekly or monthly
  • Average word count per post
  • Keyword and SEO
  • Social media links to your post
  • Feedback from readers
  • Use of images or GIFs

Leverage on other channels

It’s great that you’re creating content, and you have an audience. But not everyone reads a blog post so you may as well broaden the scope of your content. For instance, many people prefer listening to podcasts and making your content into one of those meets their preferred format. Again, these other channels increase the number of people you reach out to and helps you do better.

Connect with the audience.  

Connection with your readers or listeners is another excellent way of pulling through a plateau. Presently, live chat and video connections are popular, and that is a new way of social connection. First, you generate more traffic with this. Then, your audience has a more personal interaction with you. Also, form such conversations, you can get their suggestions and how to best respond to them.

Update existing content

This is a very brilliant approach. Things are changing, and so should your content. You will always have something new to add to an existing one. In doing this, you can embed new keywords and republish.

Use social media Influencers

 Social media is one of the fastest ways to break through your content plateau. You can consult with influencers on how to best approach a content. They suggest hashtags and punch lines that help your content go viral.

Do extensive and original research

You can never go wrong with intensive research. You’re open to more ideas and information. The good news is that research is not expensive and it’s quite accessible to everyone, anywhere.

Think about building a tool

Building a tool so next level. Neil Patel employed this strategy and got an incredible result. Although he had a content strategy in place, he went further to buying the Ubersuggest tool but gave it off for free. You too could come up with a brilliant tool that will belong to your brand and get ready to see results in no time.

Wrapping it up

Reaching a content plateau is not uncommon, so don’t stress yourself. Work of these 6 suggestions and be consistent. In no time, you’d get to the peak.

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