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Busou Shoujo machiavellianism – Instagram Anime Review

Aired in 2017 and with 12 episodes, busou shoujo machiavellianism is one of the favorite shows for the kids. The comedy and action Anime show is very much popular and highly rated too by the students. It is also known as the Armed Girl’s machiavellianism in some of the versions released.machiavellianism

The story of Busou Shoujo Machiavellism

At the start of the story of busou shoujo machiavellianism, a boy has been expelled from the school for his misconduct. The boy looks for a free life ahead of him. However, he will be admitted to Pvt Aichi Symbiosis Academy, another school, where situation becomes pitiable for him. This is the school where girls do shows and trains discipline to the boys, carrying weapons in their hands. Nomura had to dress up like a girl at the school and watch and experience the brutality shown by the five swords.  Onigawara Rin leads there a five ladies’ team, who are better known as Supreme Five swords. Where no one dares to confront them, Nomura, that expelled boy, in his new school, shows his own right and tries to give the girls lesson about true morality, instead of showing brutality. Thus, this is having a great story line, where the main motto has remained to stick to the very basic morals, leaving behind the brutality which the world shows at everything.

Characters in the showBusou Shoujo Anime

Nomura Fudo – He is the hero of the show busou shoujo machiavellianism. The tall young lad, having a way to look at the world with the sense of morality and having the courage to establish his own view with logic, even to the brutal, is basically a cool and smart guy, who is ready to say anything on the mouth without felling ashamed about the consequences. Eventually, as the episodes continue, he becomes close with the five girls, but he is someone who has no sense that he is been liked by the girls. In one word, it can be said that he is least bothered about those and he is a guy, who loves to remain free from everything. However, after all the episodes are watched, it is cleared that he was more intimate with Onigawara than the other girls, but the normal and unromantic ending tries to clear out that Nomura had not developed the sense of romance in him till the end.

The character has been voiced by Tasuku Hatanaka in Japanese and it has also been dubbed in English, where Scott Gibbs does the task.

Onigawara Rin – She is the leader of the 5 supreme swords and the most brutal lady among all, with a great heart behind her bosoms. This is the character who shows the need of a change and the flexibility one must have, while some changes for the good has to be adopted. She s lead character among the females, had developed soft corner for Nomura, but here conservative nature stopped her from expressing the words of her hearts, even if she and Nomura experienced some of the best romantic moments.

The vocalist, who worked for the role are Yūki Takada in Japanese, the famous vocalist of Mausu Productions and Kira Vincent-Davis in English, the renowned American vocal actress who worked for several Japanese movie dubbing.

Hanaska Warabi – Very much intelligent and cautious to check whosoever is doing any nuisance. Brutal to all nuisance makers, but good-willing of all is the nature of her. She has no sense of romance, but acts as a very good friend of Nomura, who gradually starts keeping faith on the lad.

The famous vocal actress of America, who works for Sentai Film works, Juliet Simmons dubbed the original Japanese vocal to English, while the original Japanese voice has been recorded by Rina Hidaka, who also is a vocal actress from Office Osawa and AT Productions.

Tamaba Satori – Very much passionate at work and timid looking, but very much fiery, while she watches anything that is not good for all, it cannot be said clearly, whether she had any romantic sense towards Nomura or not and that is typically for the openness of her attitude.

The Japanese vocal part has been done by the Japanese vocal actress, Nozomi Nishida and the same has been dubbed in English by Allison Sumrall, who works for ADV films.

Inaba Tsukuyo – Very much rigid and passionate at her own work, she is one of the deadly user of her sword and a dedicated follower of Onigawara. Very much organized and matured, she is one of the strongest characters in the entire anime. She was not at all romantic with Nomura, but very much attached to him, with a sense that is romantic in a different sense.

The Japanese version voice dubbing has been recorded here by Natsumi Hioka, who works for Baobab Productions. English dubbing of the same has been recorded by Luci Christian. Luci is basically a script writer for ADR, but she is also a vocal artist from America.

Amou Kirukiru – Passionate about her own work, she is the last among the 5 supreme swords of busou shoujo machiavellianism and one of the most rigid personality among all the five swords too. She is one of the ladies, who shows least tolerance to the nuisances and is very much eager to punish the wrong doers. She always showed that she is on purpose. Even a scene with Nomura, where she wants to seduce Nomura, there too she remained a character who is right on her job. Later she has been expelled from the school too.  She was a Karate specialist.

Affiliated with IAM Agency, Eriko Matsui made the Japanese dubbing in the movie for the voice of Amou. The English dubbing has been made by Carli Mosier, who is a reputed and regular vocalist from ADV Productions.

These are the top 6 characters that the show has. There are some other characters and they continue changing in all the 12 episodes, but these 6 characters are available in all the episodes at the prime role, except the first one, where the 5 supreme swords couldn’t find their entry to the show.

Twist in the story ofBusou Shoujo Machiavellianism

The name of the busou shoujo machiavellianism is itself confusion, but keeping that apart, the criticism should be in the storyline of the anime. The best part lies in the chemistry between the girls and the main character – Nomura. While the girls intended to take charge on Nomura and correct him in his way of conduct, like she did for all the boys. However, there is a great twist here, where the plot just gets reversed. The girls were right in their moral, but not in their approaches. They were excessively brutal in their approach and at times that instigated enmity among the boys and girl, otherwise fear was the thing that was ruling everything.  The twist works while the situation gets reversed and Nomura starts framing the way of treatment that the girls used to give. The rest episodes show how he changes the thought, practice and the nature of the girls to bring them in the right track. Overall judgment of the storyline is really good and it can be stated to be slightly more than that of an anime.


The series has been named to be a romantic, comedy and school based series. It can be understood that there are comedies in it, which is quite visible in any of the Anime movies. The entire story line is based on School and is dedicated for the students. Hence, there is again no doubt that the genre selected has remained accurate, but problem lies with the romantic emblem. Other than few romantic scenes of Nomura and Rin, and a seduction scene from Amou, there is nothing romantic in the series. Even, the chemistry shown between Rin and Nomura has remained one sided, as Nomura was shown not to be interested in romanticism.

Finally, the last episode of the series ended normally, without showing any patch up or romantic end, where Rin and Nomura mixes up. Where Rin always remained conservative with her feelings towards Nomura, Nomura always showed least interest towards romanticism. Hence, how can this series be called a romantic one? Some critics claim that there would be a season 2 of the series and that would work on the romanticism. If that is not the case, then romanticism is something that doesn’t exactly matches with the series.

In that aspect also, most of the critics want to state that there cannot be a season 2 of the series, since the main motto of busou shoujo machiavellism was to establish morality, by abolishing brutality, which has been successfully completed by Nomura. This is the thing that has remained disappointing for the viewers, who expected the series to be very much romantic. Otherwise, the story line of the series, the character formation and the flow of the story, all remained very much correct to get a good rating.

Ending of the story – start watching it

The end of the story has remained blind and that made the viewers understand that the show would have a second session, as the story didn’t match the hero and the heroine, till the end. The shows are available at different locations, where you will find the streaming of the web series. The problem is that you will miss out one or two episodes in each of the cases. In that case, you can refer https://www.kiss-anime.ws/Anime/busou-shoujo-machiavellianism, for watching busou shoujo machiavellism. This is having links to download the entire 12+1 episode and hence you can watch those in full HD 1080 px format, right from your device.

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