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All About Deltanet Extranet and What’s the Process to Login it

Deltanet extranet is a web portal created for the employees, retired persons, or the other authorized users of the Delta Airlines. It delivers relevant information regarding their jobs. Also, information for the business-related users can be made available on this portal for convenience.

Now that you have an idea of what Deltanet extranet is, let’s dig into the basics. Why do you think it is so popular and well-liked?

The deltanet extranet has become a highly appreciated website as it helps provide its employees, access to news, updates and other company-related info quite spontaneously. It means there has been a modification in the system, which is marvelous.

In the words of Jakob Nielsen, who is a utility expert, “Delta took a broken intranet (literally) and made an opportunity to create an optimized site with attractive content, easy-to-use, and easy-to-use interface.”

Let us now discuss the benefits that deltanet provides to its employees and other users.


Since has turned out to become a great portal in many different and smart ways, it provides multiple benefits to the people working with delta airlines. Let us find out below what are these benefits.

Delta Travel Privilege

Deltanet Extranet

Delta travel privilege is something, which provides you with the complete guidelines, rented though. Once you have completed the service with the company for thirty days, you’ll be eligible to use your privileges. By these privileges, you can travel delta flies wherever you want. 

Deltanet Extranet Landing Page

Employees of Delta company can have their accounts on the deltanet extranet landing page. These are designed to provide total security to them. The landing page is easy to use and modify.

Health-related Benefits For the Employees

Under deltanet extranet, its employees will also get numerous health benefits. 

  • It provides its users the dental coverage, that too with three options. Users have to choose one out of the three given options.
  • Apart from the dental portion, it also provides vision coverage to its employees through well known Davis vision. 
  • Davis vision is insurance, or you may even say it is a product offering of Versant health whose principal focus is vision care.
  • Deltanet also grants you the medical coverage, with specific options, which depend upon the place you live.
  • Overall, a domestic partner program is available, which includes dental, vision, and other medical services.
  • There is also an employee assistance program, which is concerned about the mental and emotional state of employees.
  • Above all, there is a life insurance coverage provided by delta to its employees, which is $50,000.

It was about the benefits, and let us now move on to talking about the login process into the deltanet extranet landing page.

Login Process for Deltanet Extranet

The login process for the Delta airlines’ employees is not much difficult. All you have to do is directly create your account online to get access to information. This way, you can manage your account, and here you have your account created within a few minutes. Since you are new to this website, you will find a Help option as well, to assist you throughout this process.

First, enter the website on your search engine, which is Make sure you do not confuse the alphabets. In many cases, people are seen entering the wrong website address. 

You will see a blue-colored page asking you to log in. You will get to see a few options over there. One is for the authorized employees, while the other one is for the non-employees, which is a travel guide. 

Since you are an employee, click on the first option. After clicking on the desired option, you will end up landing on the deltanet extranet website landing page. 

You need to fill up all your personal information, which consists of your Delta passport ID or the nine-digit PPR.

After entering the number and password, click on the sign-in button. Once you enter your password and click the button, it will automatically sign you in.  Do not share your password with anybody.

You will now be brought to your profile on the website portal. You can manage your account and start receiving updates since it is now ready to use.

Now that we have discussed with you the complete process of login to your account on the deltanet extranet website portal, we would be glad to let you know a bit more about the same.

If you are a delta employee you will be easily able to access your account but, in case you are a guest traveling under a Delta pass, you can’t access the secured areas of the website. 

However, you can reach a few sections like the public guide about travel procedures.

If you have forgotten your password, you don’t need to panic. You can quickly recover the password. For this option, you have to enter your nine-digit PPR. You will now get some verification questions. By answering those questions correctly, you can recover your password in no time.

Also, if you have entered the wrong password thrice, it is going to lock you delta extranet account for about 30 minutes. You can retry logging in only after the completion of thirty minutes. So, be careful every time you enter your user identification number or the password.  

Friends, remember that deltanet extranet website is only for the Delta employees, retirees, or the people who are related to the delta airlines in some way or the other. Trying to trespass it is against the laws. Unauthorized access to this website is illegal, and hence, the offenders will be punished under lawful acts. Moreover, no matter how much you try, you won’t be able to login with an authorization. 

We hope that you have understood the ways of logging in. In case you have questions, feel free to drop in a comment. We would love to help you!

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