How to Gain Followers on Instagram Free and Fast

Instagram was launched initially just as a fun social media app. No one knew that one day it will grow up as one of the major platforms of marketing, advertising, audience building, selling, and whatnot. Currently, Instagram is one of the most famous social media applications that have more than 200 million users from the world. All of them are active accounts. Isn’t that amazing?

Do you know that Instagram engagement is 58 times more than Facebook or any other social media platform like Twitter and snap chat? It means if you are looking to start and promote your own business, or you are smart enough to be an influencer or blogger then surely Instagram is the right platform for you. Understanding your customers is the key to a higher conversion rate and a better experience with your services or products. If you want to start or promote your business but you’re unable to get expected conversions, you can also go to conversion rate optimization agencies, which can boost the business by adding more conversions.

In the article below I am going to list down the best ways to get free Instagram followers instantly. Let’s have a look at them. 

Make Your Profile Attractive: 

You must have heard the proverb “The first impression is the last impression” trust me this is so true in Instagram profile situation as well. Try to build a positive impression on the audience in the beginning. For this, you need to make your profile very attractive. The following are some tips on how to do so.

  • Add a very colorful and eye-catchy display picture along with a strong username. As the first thing that appears in front of a visitor’s eye is a display picture of course. 
  • Create your hashtag. Like if you have your brand create the hashtag and add this into a bio. 
  • Your bio should be brief and to the point. 
  • Add the URL of your website in the bio too. It will help you to get more audience on the website as well. 
  • Try to develop yours on Instagram style. 
  • Add important things in the story highlights. 

Add a description with your pictures: 

A picture itself speaks a thousand words, but still, a catchy and informative description along with the picture could help you in getting free Instagram followers instantly. Add all the important details related to the picture, as it will gain audience interest in your Instagram profile. At the end of the description don’t forget to add your hangtags. Hashtags with every Instagram post is very important. The best example of the picture along with a description is National Geographic. As they use storytelling techniques and add a catchy description. That’s why the official account of national geographic has almost 50 million followers. That’s a huge fan following. 


Giveaways are another way to get more free Instagram followers instantly. What you need to do is add some of the attractive gifts in the free giveaway and ask your audience to tag your friends and family. Also, you can ask them to like and share your content as much as possible. The person with the most tags and sharing will be the winner. 

This is just a simple and easy marketing technique. Who wouldn’t love to get gifts? I have noticed people love to participate in free giveaways competition. 

Regular Updates:

If you are a beginner, then it is very important to update regular content on your Instagram profile. It will increase audience engagement. Try to add colourful pictures, motivational videos, and boomerangs to increase audience interest in your Instagram account.  

Instagram followers App: 

You can also get free Instagram followers instantly with the help of Instagram followers App. But beware of the bot followers (inactive or fake accounts) they can ruin your brand reputation. Search some trustworthy Instagram followers Apps and get free followers. 

Remember that there is nothing wrong with using these Apps if and only if you are getting real and active followers. 

Final words: 

In the beginning, it seems difficult to get free Instagram followers instantly. But if you have read the above article carefully I am sure you will be able to get followers more easily. Instagram promotion and selling involve few easy but tricky techniques, if you have done some research, you can grab more followers in less time. 

Are you following some of the easy tricks to get more followers instantly? If yes then what is it?

Share your tips with us right away in the comment section below. 

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