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How to Fix a Broken iPhone Yourself: 9 Simple Tricks

You love your iPhone, and now it’s broken. If you don’t know how to fix a broken iPhone, you’ll either spend hundreds of dollars replacing it or paying someone else to fix it.

Since billions of people have iPhones these days, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people have learned ways around having someone else fix their iPhone and are DIYing it.

If you want to give DIY iPhone fixes a try, continue reading this article, and we will show you tricks you should know to get your phone up and running again.

1. Fix Your Cracked Screen With Packing Tape

If your phone is cracked, but you don’t have the money to replace it yet, you can protect your fingers and your face with packing tape.

Line up the cracked pieces as well as you can and put a layer of packing tape over it to hold it in place until your next paycheck. You can still use the phone even though it isn’t going to be very glamorous.

2. Repair the Screen DIY Style

There are DIY phone screen repair kits that you can find online, and it’s not that difficult to replace your phone screen if you watch a video or read a tutorial showing you how to do it.

The quality phone screen repair kits come with in-depth instructions that will help you through the screen replacement process.

Keep in mind that there are going to be challenges and you’re going to need all of your patience dealing with the tiny screws in the phone.

3. Cannot Connect to WiFi

If you’re trying to connect to WiFi and your iPhone just isn’t having it, this is usually a pretty easy fix.

Turn your phone off and back on again and try to connect to WiFi. Most of the time, this works, but if it doesn’t, you’ll need to head over to settings.

In settings, head to the WiFi section and scroll to the bottom of the page and set the HTTP proxy to auto setting.

4. No New Update Available

You know there’s a new update available, but your phone isn’t having it. It isn’t uncommon for your phone to not recognize it needs to update to the latest version of iOS.

To get your phone to do what you need it to, connect it to a PC or Mac. When you do this, your phone will go into recovery mode.

Once you are in the recovery mode, you can now see an update option. Click the update option, and it will download and then go back to normal once it’s updated.

5. iPhone Is Too Full

If your iPhone is too full and it isn’t working properly, you need to learn how to factory reset iPhone. When you do a factory reset, you take your iPhone back to the way it came out of the factory.

This is a great option if you bought the phone used, and you think other people’s data is still cramming the phone and making it difficult to use.

6. Lost iPhone Data

Losing your important data on your phone can be very frustrating. Don’t lose hope though. If you have your iPhone connected to the cloud, your data is safe, and you can easily restore it.

All you have to do is look on the iCloud and download any data that you want to get back on your phone.

If you don’t have your phone synced to the cloud, you need to go to the Apple store and see what other options you might have to recover data.

7. iPhone Camera Not Working

If your iPhone camera isn’t working, you may have some restrictions enabled. Go to your settings and find your camera.

Once you’re in the camera section, look to see if there are any restrictions set that will keep your camera from taking photos.

If your camera is still not working, try resetting your phone. If you try to use the camera again after this, then it could be a hardware issue, and you’ll need to take it to a technician to see how to get it working again.

8. Quick Battery Drain

You’re using your phone for one minute, and the next, the battery percentage has dropped dramatically.

It’s likely a simple problem, like having too many apps open in the background. If you look at your phone and there are a lot of apps open in the background, stop all apps you aren’t using right now.

Only keep apps that you are using right now or that you will be using within the next 10 minutes.

If your phone is still draining its battery quickly, contact your service provider right away and see if they can help.

9. Water Damage

If your phone is suffering from water damage, you shouldn’t have its funeral just yet.

When you get the phone out of the water, wipe it down with a tissue to get all the water you can see off of it.

Don’t try to turn on the phone now since it might damage it further. Get a bowl of rice and put your phone in the middle of the rice. Leave it in the rice for 24 hours and then try to turn it on.

How to Fix a Broken iPhone

Now you know how to fix a broken iPhone with these various tricks that we’ve shown you above. DIY projects can save you a lot of money instead of taking them to get serviced by someone outside your home.

Do you want to learn more DIY tricks and hacks? Our site is full of articles that can help you with iPhones and beyond.

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