Make Money Selling eBooks

How to Make Money by Selling eBooks

While some people still consider paperbacks, the world is slowly catching up with technological advancements, and eBooks are becoming increasingly popular. Are you an aspiring writer who wants to attract customers worldwide and earn quick money? If yes, then selling eBooks online is the perfect option for you! If marketed accurately, eBooks are a powerful tool to get you the engagement you want as a writer on a much larger platform. However, it is not as simple as writing one and hoping it sells like a hot cake. In fact, writing is the first step of the entire process.

After you’re done writing, you have to utilize various marketing strategies to profit from all those restless nights you stayed up writing. You can have the most useful, incredible, and engaging eBook in the entire world, but it won’t do you any good if only a handful of people download it in a month. Here are a few tips that will allow you to monetize your eBooks for some quick bucks properly.

  • Choose a topic for your eBook that you genuinely like to write about

Professional book writers recommend fellow writers to choose a topic that they genuinely find enjoyable, irrespective of the genre. Writing a book requires commitment. It also requires a considerable amount of research, especially if you intend to substantiate your content with facts and figures. Nonetheless, if you’re not genuinely interested in what you’re writing about, it will lack heart and soul. And believe us, no one want’s to buy content that is heartless and soulless! Once your manuscript is ready, turn book into ebook with online tools and proceed!

Make Money Selling eBooks

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  • Maintain high standards when writing your eBook

To create high-quality content for your eBook, you need time and patience. Many bestselling eBooks did not come into existence in a matter of days. Their authors took months, if not years, to come up with good reading material. After all, both paperback and eBooks require the same level of skill to achieve excellence.

It is wise to use grammar correction tools when writing an eBook. Various tools like these will let you correct all grammatical mistakes that you may have unintentionally left in your eBook. They will also provide you with word suggestions for better vocabulary usage. Invest in a good design. The cover of your book is essential. Unlike paperbacks, you can even have the inner pages designed to add more visual appeal. A well-written and designed eBook will not only allow you to charge a higher price, but buyers will also recommend it to other people. This will help you get more sales in the long run.  

  • Choose the right publishing platform for your eBook

Once you have taken your time and come up with a high-quality digestible eBook, the next step to take is to choose an online publication platform for it. Search for online publication platforms and choose one that is most relevant to your niche.

Every publication platform works differently and will eventually take a tiny slice of money from your sales. But that’s okay. You’d still be paying a lot less than what a traditional publisher would demand. Platforms such as Apple iBooks Author, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, and Kobo Writing Life are a few examples of famous online eBook publishers. It would be a good idea to choose more than one platform to create more awareness and read more readers on the internet.

  • Create an effective marketing strategy for your eBook

Here comes the challenging part! It is crucial to understand that people will not come to a physical store to buy your book, unlike paperbacks. Therefore, your marketing strategy needs to be more robust to reach more people online. However, you will not have to spend tons of money on marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing any product. After all, your ebook is a product that you want customers to buy. So, it is wise to set up accounts on all major social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus. You can even use personal social media profiles to share your entire ebook writing journey with millions of online users and fans. Connecting with your audience is not only an excellent marketing technique, but it also helps build your credibility online.

Consider developing a website and use it effectively to reach out to more people. You can opt for both paid and organic SEO tactics to increase your online visibility. Get high-quality backlinks to your website and leverage the power of positive reviews. The more positive feedback you get, the more sales your eBook will draw in. However, do not ignore traditional marketing tactics as these will also help you create more awareness. Most brick and mortar stores also have websites. You could host reading activities with them and make your eBook available on their website.

  • Create a series for your eBook

Make Money Selling eBooks

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If you see that your ebook is picking up sales and people find it interesting, you can write a sequel and turn it into a series of eBooks. This is an excellent idea if you’re in the fiction and fantasy genres. Readers will be keen to read a follow-up story about the main protagonist in your previous ebook. Anticipation will eventually convert to more sales. And who knows, if your book gets popular enough, you could score a movie or series deal as well!


EBooks are becoming increasingly popular. However, monetizing them requires persistence and patience, especially during the marketing phase. Good content and utilizing effective marketing tactics can earn you good money in a short amount of time. So what are you waiting for? Put your thinking cap on and start writing.

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