Mobile Management Solutions

Mobile Management Solutions Help Encourage Remote Work

More than half of the world’s population is working from home due to the Covid-19 Virus pandemic. With the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many companies are following social distancing for business continuity.

While the majority of the companies are trying to adjust to the new normal- working from the home trend; network experts, and cybersecurity personnel are ensuring that the remote networks are set up securely.

On the contrary, some cybercriminals are taking advantage of the situation to exchange critical data and cart away valuable information. Therefore, if you are one of the many businesses that are thinking to adopt for work from home setup, you need to pay attention to data protection and make sure that employees are safe using the internet while working from home.

Why is the Mobile Management Solution Needed?

Mobile device management gives a company control over the devices used in the organization like laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. It makes teamwork easier and quicker and enables the smooth running of a company once its devices are enrolled. Having a mobile device management platform supports both Corporate Owned and Personally Enabled (COPE) devices that are used by large corporations. It also assists Bring Your own Device (BYOD) norms recommended for smaller organizations. Here are some of the important crucial reasons that justified the need for mobile management solutions. 

Mobile Management Solutions

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  • Today’s submission standards demand full administrative control and audit abilities over your devices.
  • Having an endpoint security implementation on employees and its remote administration is impossible without the use of an MDM platform.
  • When employees know that they are protected against any kind of cyber threats, they can work more effectively with lasting results.   
  • Mobile device management solutions are a pre-condition for an actual mobile workforce that is productive, accountable, and secure.

How MDM maximizes Your Remote Work? 

Mobile device management solutions are an essential technology to deploy. These points mentioned below will give you an idea about the gains of MDM and how this software can help your business.

  • Remote management of mobile devices – By managing your mobile workforce remotely, you can supervise all the tasks and processes at any time you want. You can also get control of all devices, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This platform ensures that your data and figures are always secure and secure, sending it to the right person at the right time.
  • Improved productivity- Mobile device solutions help users to become more productive and efficient. Having an MDM platform helps the users to set up on their corporate network much faster and quicker, ultimately saving time and resources for your business. 
  • Enhanced security- Device management software ensures that your employees are taking all the critical security steps on their personal and company devices by coordinating security arrangements. Through these solutions, you can structure the devices to protect your personal and business data. Besides that, you can also delimit the access to information, defining the sharing data that needs to be deleted after use. 
  • Regulatory compliance- Many activities require modern regulatory standards and legislation that prevent unauthorized devices to exchange your business’s security. The mobile device management solutions report the capabilities that allow the confirmation of network integrity. With MDM, the business owners can closely observe every little action, ensuring that they conform to regulatory standards and legal requirements.
  • Cost-saving- Using mobile device management services helps in cutting the costs. As MDM helps in identifying the unused or missing devices, you can easily limit the number of device purchases. A new trend is known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), uses employees’ devices for work instead of buying systems and devices. This has already assisted many companies to reduce expenditure.  
  • Real-time support – With MDM solutions, you and your entire team can easily watch the screen of the devices remotely. This provides real-time support to your organization. The employees working from the field can send messages at any time to the employees sitting at the desk and ask questions or request information to help the ground staff.
  • Controlled device updates – It allows the managers to control devices without relying on manual updates. This not only protects your devices and data, but it helps you in working according to the government compliance regulations. 

Mobile Management Solutions

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To increase the productivity of the organization, implementing digital forms to collect and process information is a necessary step. With Mobile device management, you protect your devices, and data with an effective communication system. 

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