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Factors You Must Consider Before Ordering Promotional Pens

When you buy promotional pens for your business event or distribution among the general audience, you should pay attention to its build and quality. Not all pens are the same. And a potential customer will always judge the quality of your products and services through the quality of your promotional items. You can visit this website to know about promotional pens. 

Here are some factors you must consider while choosing promotional pens for your marketing campaign. 

  • Surface Area

The idea of choosing a promotional item is to display your brand name and logo. Hence, it should have sufficient surface area for you to print all the relevant information. However, pens are sleek items. They have limited surface area, and the pen’s shape will determine how well You can print your brand name, logo and company contacts on them. 

Please choose the colour wisely so that it does not render the information unreadable. The shape of the pen must complement the shape of the logo for maximum aesthetic appeal. 

  • Quality of the Pen

Pens are affordable promotional items. But there are variations in quality, depending on the brand of pens you have chosen to use for promotion. Do not opt for very cheap pens. Always remember that the consumer will associate the quality of the promotional item with that of the product. So you do not want a pen where the ink refuses to flow freely while writing or the cap comes off broken. You should consider your budget, but do not compromise on quality because of it. If your pen has a twist mechanism, you do not want the top to come apart after a few twists. 

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  • Good Printing

Pens are handled very frequently. People with a firm grip will clutch them, clumsy people will drop them, and nervous people will write with them with sweaty fingers! Naturally, the print on the pen will start coming off after a while, especially if printing quality is not good. 

You should choose pens which will facilitate good printing. The information like your brand logo and website details and contact information should stay on the pens as long as possible to serve their purpose. Choose pens on which the printing ink will hold fast and strong.

  • Colour and Quality of Ink

To ensure that the promotional pens serve their purpose well, you should pay attention to ink’s colour and quality. Choose pens with blue or black ink used the most for official work instead of other colours like green or red ink. The pens should write well. The ink should not blot on the paper or should not come out patchy. It should write smoothly on all kinds of surfaces, and the pen itself should be comfortable to hold. All of this will ensure that the consumer uses the pen consistently and is always reminded of your company.

If your consumer feels content while writing with your high-quality promotional pen, then they will be more inclined to try out your products and services as well. This seemingly simplistic item of stationery will go a long way to build effective marketing campaigns and will make significant improvements to your sales. 

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