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Keep Your PC Organized! Here’s How?

How many of you get frustrated when you look at that buffering sign on your laptop, PC, or Notebook? Or how many times have you found your computer overheating? all been there. Right? Let’s get one thing clear that both of these situations aren’t normal. 

But why is your system so slow, and what can you do to fix it?

There could be two reasons why your system is running slow. Either your technology is outdated, or you have a high amount of clutter in your system. We can’t do anything about the outdated technology, but we can surely keep your PC organized and free from all the chaos that hinders your productivity.

If you have no idea about what I am talking about, keep scrolling down for more information.

Let’s get started!

  • Backup your files

Technical experts confirm that you should keep on backing up your data regularly. Some people have complained that they often lose important documents, images, videos, etc. Maybe, your local technician can retrieve them, but the chances are less. 

But thanks to the magic of the internet, to keep your data safe, consider backing up your files every other day. The best part of backing up your files is that you can easily access those files from any part of the world with the help of your ID and password.

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However, people who own MAC or windows have different steps to back up their files. This post with instructions can really help the Mac owners to back up their pictures step by step. No more extra media files on your system. That’s the dream!

  • Delete unwanted files and programs

We all have a folder in our system that contains junk and files that have no use to us. So, why are you collecting those? These unwanted and duplicate files take a lot of space on your system’s RAM, making your computer super-slow. 

However, if you don’t know what files should you delete and want to keep everything, you can always go for an external hard drive. It will keep your data safe and clutter off your desktop. How convenient. Right?

  • Create large folders for similar files

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all those junks/ files and the media files are all backed up. It’s time to organize your folders. 

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Here’s what you need to do!

Suppose there are 100 pictures of your trip to Hawaii and 200 of your trip to Paris. So, why would you want separate folders for those? Instead, you can make a folder named “Vacation” and add sub-folders that contain the pictures from your different trips.

To Sum It Up

If you have already started clearing off junk from your system, congratulations you’ve taken your first step towards optimizing the speed and performance of your system.

With these tried and tested ways, you can now easily organized your PC without any hassle and say “Goodbye” to that annoying buffering sign forever. So, delete-backup-organize, and you are well on your way to enjoy the technology. 

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