Piknu – Instagram Web Viewer Review

Traditionally, Instagram could only be accessed through phone only. But now, in this evolving world of technology, you use Instagram on your desktop or laptop. There are a number of ways to use Instagram without a phone, Instagram web viewer is the way to do it. Instagram web viewer enables you to view your newsfeeds, to comment and like photos. However, most web viewers are not that authentic plus there does not offer much. But Piknu gleams through with its ability to search and discover 

You are probably wondering, what is Piknu? Well, Piknu is an Instagram web viewer that you can access either on your phone or on the web. It works by compiling the information into one single searchable database for Instagram users. Piknu UI is much similar to Instagrams UI, as a result, Piknu offers just about all the features that Instagram on smartphone offers. The clean UL works efficiently and effectively enabling to have a great experience on your web-based Instagram. With Piknu, you can view all the popular posts and trending hashtags without even having to create or login into your Instagram account. Piknu gives you the best of both worlds. As all the content will feature on your web just like it would have had you used your smartphone.

What is Piknu?

What is Piknu

Piknu shows you all the popular hashtags and trending celebrity posts. Moreover, with this Instagram web viewer, you can easily download and share the posts with your followers. Basically, Piknu is the best way to explore Instagram content on the web. With Piknu you get to easily explore popular photos and videos, explore hashtags, find any user, find photos of places and share photos and videos.


  • Simple and uncluttered
  • Super-fast
  • It has a safe and secure Instagram content search
  • Can check out the most popular Instagram profiles and hashtags instantly. You get to explore trending news by  hashtags
  • Can easily share Instagram content on the web with your followers
  • No need to create or login into your account
  • Can comment and like photos and videos


  • Doesn’t auto-adjust to browser dimension

FAQs of Piknu Users

  1. What is an Instagram web viewer?

Instagram web viewers refer to third party websites that have been designed to show the same features on the web that a smartphone Instagram does. It has the ability to show all the trending content on either your desktop or your laptop.

  1. Do l need an Instagram account to access Piknu?

Piknu can be used without an Instagram account. There is no need for you to create an account.

  1. Why Piknu and not any other Instagram web viewers?

Piknu because it is the best web viewer. It is easy to use, you get to view all the popular posts and trending hashtags with no hassle at all. With, Piknu you can download and share posts with your followers. Of which a number of web viewers are unable to do so. It is ultimately the best way to explore Instagram content on the web.

In conclusion, Piknu is considerably the best way to explore Instagram content on the web. You get to see all the features of an Instagram post that are apparent on the phone, through either your laptop or desktop. It makes exploring Instagram on the web so much easier.

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