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Watching a movie online free of cost – what great entertainment for anyone, while sitting at home? With such intention, you must have heard about Rainiertamayo. It is one of the channels that will not only give you the opportunity to watch the online movies in HD version, but you will also get –

     1000s of free movies

     Complete HD movies

     Full-length movies and

     Hundreds of TV shows

All of them are available at free of cost, giving you the ultimate choice of entertainment. However, you can find great alternatives of the same too and in each of the cases, you will love the features, the site has.

If you have the experience in watching movies in any of the channels that have been described below, you have the idea about the same for sure. If not, make it clear that all of the sites, that are listed below, including Rainiertamayo, will show you ads. In fact, it is due to those ads that, they can show you the movies free of cost. Some of the movies that are collected in each of the channels contain those HD movies that are presently running at the halls. So, cost remains there and that is pulled up by the site owner, by means of ads only. So, that is the only thing that you will have to bear with. If you can do that, the full gallery of free movies is just before you for your ultimate entertainment.

Top 10 Alternatives of Rainiertamayo

Now is the time to get through the alternatives of Rainiertamayo. We will arrange a journey for you through top 10 such sites, each of which is a perfect alternative with features almost similar to that of the original site.


Niter - rainiertamayo
Niter – rainiertamayo

This is one of the best alternative channels, which you can use for free movie hosting and watching. The channel uses free streaming of the movies too and thus is often regarded as a great alternative to Rainiertamayo. The user interface of this network is outstanding, but the special thing here is the easy search option and the perfect style of categorization. Both the things make it easy for you to find out the movie you are willing to watch.

This is a very much popular network that is often accessed by the free movie watchers on a regular basis. The collection of this channel is outstanding and apart from that the streaming speed that you will get here is excellent too. In fact, the ads that are shown on the network is not so much as is seen in the case of Rainiertamayo. Thus, collecting everything, according to many, this one is a major good choice for all.


Movie4 - rainiertamayo
Movie4 – rainiertamayo

This is not for TV series watching, but in terms of movie watching, you can rate this channel even more than that of Rainiertamayo. The user interface of the network is good, searching option here is perf3ect and that is added with some extra values too, but rigorous categorization and excellent feature of streaming will attract you the most. In the searches of movies, you will make, the network will show you the similar movies to it and on the other hand, you can even download the movies, in HD format to watch them offline.

This is one of them to[p channels that you can avail to get rid of the ads. You can easily download the movies on your desktop and get through them in your leisure time. Never think that the quality of the downloaded movies is lower than what is streamed. Both qualities are the same. The only difference that you will find here is that the ads will be shown during your downloading only, and never after that, as you will find them offline. The collection of movies here is even better than that of Rainiertamayo, especially when the latest movies are considered.

FlixBreak [Discontinues]

FlixBreak - rainiertamayo
FlixBreak – rainiertamayo

This is the network for movie streaming which is often acknowledged to be the perfect alternative of Rainiertamayo. The reason behind is not the categorization or the accurate search results, it shows, it is something else – there is no need of any premium account to access any content of the site and at the same time it will show you TV shows and HD movies.

There are many channels that are meant to provide you alternative of Rainiertamayo in terms of sourcing the HD movies, but comparatively, there are only a few sites that will allow you to watch the TV shows. This channel is one among those rare networks, which will not only stream the TV shows but will also give you the vantage to watch them in HD format. So, from now on, never miss a TV show, if you are not home during that time.


Hulu - rainiertamayo
Hulu – rainiertamayo

This one is an excellent alternative of any type of movie streaming channels. Here you can watch the latest HD movies with excellent buffering free streaming. The site, however, is not free to watch. You will have to pay 8$ a month after the first free month to watch the movies here. All the movies that will be available in HD version. Another great thing that you will like in this network is its availability. The network has an app for iOS and Android too.

If you are really interested in watching ad-free movies, directly from your mobile, then move on to this one. This is a paid app and is the only alternative of Rainiertamayo that can be used to watch the movies on the go, over a mobile device. Hence, go and download the app on your device and start streaming the movies in HD format. The collection of the movies is beyond your expectation, but the best thing is that all the things can be watched by you with a fee that is not even the fare of a ticket for a single movie.


Alluc - rainiertamayo
Alluc – rainiertamayo

There is not a single movie that you will not get here – this is the keyword that the network declares. The count of movies here is not in thousands but is in millions. So, get to the network, search down the movie you want to watch and start watching the same, streaming it on the application – you will not need the Rainiertamayo even, while you have this app with you.

Most of the movies that you will find here are not stored on the website. The website is going to source you the link, most of which are tested. However, if your luck is too bad, then you can come across some of the links that are going to take you nowhere. Since the site sources movies from other channels, the ads are also less here and there remains no question of streaming speed, as that differs on the network, from where the movie is sourced.


Vumoo - rainiertamayo
Vumoo – rainiertamayo

This is a streaming site that will give you the best possible appearance. In fact, there is not a single alternative of Rainiertamayo or not the original site even, who has a better appearance or a better look and feel than this one. The site will feature the latest added movies at the top but has a good collection of the old movies too. Use the search option to get them down.

The search option is the key aspect of the site, but the site has got a report and that is the core reason, why users are less on the site. The ads that are shown on this site is too much. The numbers of them are such that you will have to watch 10 ads, as you click on playing a movie. However, since traffic is lesser, if compared with the other networks, the speed of the server is more and as a result of that, you are going to watch high-speed movies with less buffering.

Yes Movies

Yes Movies - rainiertamayo
Yes Movies – rainiertamayo

If you like to watch a movie, after going through a short summary of the same, this network is the best one. Searching and streaming is not an issue here. You will like the entire thing, but the thing that matters is the collection of the movies. Yes, Movies will satisfy you there and at times, you will be even more satisfied than using Rainiertamayo. The site is free to watch any movies in its HD format.

This one can be stated to be the ultimate movie network among all the Rainiertamayo alternatives. The collection of movies here is to good, but the best thing is not even in the collection. It is the channel that will show the least amount of ads, that has got the most traffic and even in terms of speed of streaming, this site can be rated to be the best alternative of any of the channels that shows movies in HD version.

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner – rainiertamayo

This one is a highly preferred alternative to Rainiertamayo, often rated higher than the core site too. Movies, TV shows, series or reality shows – there is not a single thing that the site won’t have. Hence, get through the site and watch whatever you have missed and that too at the HD version. You will like the interface of the site, categorization and even the search option here. This site and all its contents are available free of cost.

It is one of the networks that the stream watchers love the most. In fact, the core channel of Rainiertamayo doesn’t have the collection that this site has. It has not only the movies in its bag but also the streaming of TV shows. All the reality shows with all its episodes are available free out here and while you see those live, you will not find extra ads too, other than those that are shown on the TV. This is the thing that makes it a different one from all the other apps.

Put Locker

Put Locker – rainiertamayo

This is regarded to be the best movie streaming and TV series streaming site, by far. However, there is one issue with the site – the site continues to switch on to some other domain from time to time. This creates confusion among the users, but the quality of the contents and the volume of movies that you will get here is really acknowledgeable. This is the reason that the users ultimately search down the new domain of it and they find the live streaming or downloading option of their favorite movies.

The site’s movie collection is awesome and ads shown on the site is also less. In fact, the swift shifting of the network to other domains is the core reason for showing lesser ads. Streaming speed here is lovely and that alone is wonderful to be watched and to be streamed. You can fall in love with this network too, for the collection, speed, and everything and that can make you rate this site more than even the Rainiertamayo.

Video Mega [Discontinued]

Video Mega – rainiertamayo

Excellent site design, outstanding video quality, a huge collection of movies and TV shows are the major features of is portal. Searching and streaming a movie or a TV show here is so easy, that even a kid can do that. There is no need to go pro here as all things are available free of cost.

This is another rare website that will show you all the TV shows, but the shows are not placed in the site in the form of names or popularity or by genres. They are uploaded for the channels and hence browsing down the shows will be a little bit tough here.


All the alternative sites that have been mentioned above are having an excellent collection of movies. Some of them are ready to stream TV shows too. Hence you will have to make a choice, by going through the features of each of the networks. One thing is very much common among all the ten alternatives of Rainiertamayo – other than Hulu, there is not a single site or network, where you will have to pay anything. Hence, start watching free movies right now.

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