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Valentines Day Gifts You Can Reach All His Senses

Valentines Day has been long recognized with men impressing their women showering them with gifts and love. But no love and relationship is a one-sided coin that only tips on a men’s turn. We may argue to be different at most, but there are stories and universal truths we all agree to such as “It takes two to tango”, and love and the power of gifting. So if these beliefs work for the rest of the world, why not for you?

While we may not appreciate and value some of the things that come to us for free. We use our five senses interchangeably all the time, like smelling, hearing, touching, seeing, and testing. You can surprise your man with gifts that help him appreciate life by livening up his senses too. This will definitely catch him by surprise as you initiate your Valentine’s plan in motion. In this post, we share some of the best gifts for your man on Valentine’s day. Take a look.

Valentines Day Gifts for Him 

Before we talk about what you can gift your man, it is important that we also refer these senses back to you, so you better evaluate what works for him. There is something about him that draws your attention, maybe the way he talks walks, his scent, or looks and that thing can help you express your feelings and emotions. Here are some of the best valentine gifts from FlowerAura:

  1. Smell

Hype up his scent senses with a bouquet of red flowers. There are a variety of red flowers you can opt for like red roses, among others. You will find a wide range of options available from online flower stores. And you can customize the flowers to suit your giftings like packaging in a red box, to a bouquet of red roses nicely tucked in a red wrap and ribbon. 

Valentines day

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  1. Taste

The thought of a delicious meal can salivate your taste buds, sending signals for that particular food item. This brings out the happiness in each and every one of us that you will always find a cake at any gathering. And gifting your man with his favorite meal like cake or chocolate is one way to get to express your love for him.

  1. Sound

We use the hearing sense for communication and awareness of our surroundings, and like other senses, we also have the liberty to choose what we want to listen to. His voice is music to your ears. But sharing the same interests in the choice of what we like to listen to like music, is a great way to spice up the romantic moment. So surprise him this valentines day by putting up together a playlist of his favorite songs. 

  1. Touch

Touching is a somewhat sensitive ability we have. But, not to be misunderstood, the ability to hold an object gives us a sensation that we have successfully behold something. We can also link this ability to our signature, as you may have heard that someone has a “touch of something” or “Midas touch”. You too can gift your partner something they will remember you with like personalized Valentine couple t-shirts and cushions.

Valentines day

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  1. Sight

The sight sense gives everyone their view of the world. And the way you both look at each other you don’t just see a human being, you see your world. So to make this valentine’s day a love-filled and passionate one, you do all you can to make his world bright and lovely from the way you dress to the gifts you shower him with. You can also spend time together, watching a romantic movie.

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