Here’s What You Need To Know About Ecommerce Software

Online shopping, digital marketing, business activities on the web, all these and more make up the revolutionary e-commerce world. To perform these activities online, comprehensive eCommerce software is the need of the hour. But what exactly is e-commerce?

What Is E-Commerce?

E-commerce is short for electronic commerce. It refers to the selling and purchasing of goods and services, payments, refunds, and several other commercial activities that happen over the internet. E-commerce has inspired a complete makeover in the way businesses carry out their operations. 

For all this to happen smoothly and for you to track online activities in real-time, your business or online store needs the integration of inventory management, marketing management, payment gateways, and analytics to track sales, performance, and other critical aspects. An eCommerce software makes this happen and gives you opportunities to scale higher.

Benefits Of E-Commerce

The most obvious advantage of e-commerce is the number of sales that can be generated. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the greatest advantages of e-commerce over traditional business activities are:

  • Unlike a physical store, having an online store overcomes geographical limitations.
  • You can easily target and attract new customers through SEO and digital marketing activities.
  • It saves you huge sums of money as there is no additional investment for physical stores, warehouse expenses, and transportation.
  • There are significantly lower marketing costs through an organic or pay-per-click method of advertising.
  • E-commerce is a proven way for businesses and brands to adapt to market dynamics quickly and without much fuss.
  • It’s an effective way to provide information to customers about the products, updates, and changes in the business if any.
  • It saves a lot of time and cost for both the brands and customers.
  • The software works 24/7 without any holidays
  • Improves the brand image of the company
  • It enables brands to easily set up deals, bargains, and discount coupons and codes.

What Is ECommerce Software?

Ecommerce software is a comprehensive tool or platform that streamlines various online shopping activities and helps store owners manage their inventory, add or remove products, take orders, and process payments. It helps simplify online business and store management activities.

An ERP system software is the backbone of a flourishing online business, with its capability to simplify intricate business processes via a user-friendly interface. The non-technical interface is supported by complex structures in the background that always strive to simplify things as much as possible.

The e-commerce industry is a mammoth sector with an increasing number of shoppers. It has greatly influenced the need for robust ecommerce software to meet the demands of expanding markets and changing customer expectations.

Ground-Breaking Features Of E-commerce Software

For any eCommerce software to provide responsive and fully-functional capability to online stores, integrating a host of innovative features is mandatory. These features include:

  • It should run on a single, integrated platform.
  • It should also be a comprehensive website builder, stocking a variety of themes and templates that help you build professional-looking websites with room for expansion.
  • It should able to give thorough information and in-depth details to visitors.
  • The checkout process including shipping, tax calculations, and handling costs should be completely automated to give a clear picture of orders to customers.
  • It should enable easy navigation and offer an enhanced user experience.
  • A centralized database to easily store and access information related to products, transactions, customer data, and shipping status is necessary. 
  • It should have robust marketing tools to conveniently carry out promotions, build campaigns, optimize strategies for SEO, and enhance the branding.
  • It should enable expansion across various channels, languages, regions, and different models on a single platform.
  • A sophisticated search function for customers to find products easily.
  • Analytics and reporting to analyze and track consumer behaviour, adapt to changing market dynamics and gain insights into the finer details of online business activities.

Some of the best e-commerce platforms are given below. 


3dcart gives you the option of a 15-day free trial to give you a firsthand experience before purchase

The fully-packed and cost-effective plans on 3dcart cater to growing demands across varied business needs. This platform helps you develop powerful websites with responsive attributes. These distinct attributes help customize your website and make changes that meet current and upcoming trends in the business world.


Volusion is a stylish e-commerce platform with enhanced features to build custom storefronts

A scalable ecommerce software, Volusion has unique features and tools that support freelancers and mid-sized businesses equally. It provides important modules and targets at every phase of your online business, to ensure maximum benefits for the owners and consumers. A variety of in-house services, third-party integration, and social media enhancement make Volusion an entrepreneur’s favourite e-commerce platform.


Brightpearl is a complete e-commerce platform for retailers, wholesalers, and global brands

When it comes to a cross-channel management strategy, Brightpearl delivers more than just an e-commerce platform. It helps businesses manage and operate their marketing and selling activities over a well-defined e-commerce structure. It’s a unique platform that integrates seamlessly with other leading e-commerce software and online marketplaces, giving merchants access to multiple channels.


WooCommerce is considered the most customizable e-commerce platform

Powered by WordPress, WooCommerce is giving other leading e-commerce software platforms a run for their money. It comes with a powerful plugin and numerous free and paid extensions that meet the unique needs of every user. Setting up your online store is a quick and easy process with intuitive interfaces and powerful templates, responsive to any device. Furthermore, it is a very adaptable and open-source platform to build websites.


Shopify is consistently the world’s most preferred e-commerce platform

Shopify is a legend among eCommerce software platforms. From the smallest boutique owners to the largest multinational brands, it provides revolutionary tools and break-through digital marketing techniques for all. Shopify takes the fascinating world of e-commerce to the next level with multiple add-ons. It also lets you oversee your website’s performance from anywhere. Shopify has the most responsive templates that look great and function exceptionally on any device.

Marketing your business with Shopify is revolutionary due to its powerful SEO tools, robust campaign creation, and social media integration. Operating in over 175 countries by providing third-party integration and continuous innovation, Shopify is set to continue its dominance in the e-commerce world. 

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