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We talked about how you can create power through blogging in your sector. If you’re a Social Media Examiner supporter, you may have heard about significant products that have benefited from blogging for guests. So we’re going to look today at precisely how you can get and create the most of guest blogging possibilities.

guest posts write for us

Determine your blogging goals for guests:

Before we start, your first job is to decide what your objective is to blog guests. Knowing this objective in advance is critical in determining the correct type of blog to send guest articles to

. There are typically three primary objectives for blogging guests.

  • Position yourself in the sector as an agency and a well-known name.
  • Return to your blog for visibility (traffic).
  • You are building your website, backlinks.

You can do all three of these stuff with the correct kind of material on top blogs. If you’re attempting to achieve either #1 or #2, you’re going to want to discover blogs with decent size and engaging public. If you’re trying to reach #3, you’ll need to identify blogs that have a mighty root domain power. Knowing your objectives in advance will assist you in determining which blogs are the greatest you can report to your clients.

How to Find Opportunities for Write for us:

Find Opportunities for Write for us

 The first thing you have to do is to find opportunities for guest posting. Your basic goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry when searching for places to post guest bloggers. You’re looking for blogs that fit the following criteria: your niche/industry is focusing on the content.

  • The blog’s audience will be interested in your industry.
  • The blog has engaged readers (posts were socially shared and commented on).
  • Check if the blog owner signifies active on social media (so you know that on their website, they will promote your work).

So if you sell plants, you’re going to want to discover gardening blogs with an enthusiastic gardener crowd. The following should help you in finding the correct kind of possibilities for guest posting.

Google Searches:

Google is a good starting point for searching for possibilities to post guests. To discover blogs that accept guest messages, you can use any of the following keyword databases. Substitute keywords with sector keywords.

These surveys should take you to the guest post instructions section of a blog, guest post request page, or other authors ‘ real guest messages.

  • websites that accept guest posts
  • guest posts service
  • write for us
  • write for social media
  • write for us blogging
  • write to us paid
  • guest posts wanted
  • quality guest posts
  • guest blog posts
  • free guest posts
  • sponsored guest posts

Prolific Guest Bloggers:  

Know about your industry’s prolific guest bloggers? If you read enough (which you should) blogs in your sector, these will be the names you see for others over and overwriting material. Gregory Ciotti, Danny Iny, Leo Widrich, Neil Patel, Marcus Sheridan, and many others are included in this list for online marketers. Search the name of prolific guest bloggers in your sector using Google search plus the sentence ‘ guest post by.’ This will show all the locations published on by these guest bloggers.

They should also be excellent locations for you to write to the customer. A reward will be if you understand a guest blogger in your sector that can introduce you to the holders of blogs on which they have published guests.

Competitor Backlinks:

If you have ever picked up a quality backlink task while working on your SEO campaigns, one or more of your competitors will likely have backlinks from the guest posts in articles. If you have access to tools such as Open Site Explorer, you can view your competitors ‘ backlinks and spot any blogs they’ve written for.

If you don’t, you can search for a Google link: “guest article” (replacing with the domain of your rival) which should show the places for which a user has written.

Social Searches:

Many bloggers and guest bloggers on social networks will share their recent guest messages. Since the simplest one to check is Twitter, you should attempt to get the recent tweets about guest articles in your sector by completing a Twitter search for the keyword “guest post.” To see which blogs accept guest messages, pursue the connections.

Preparing for Pitch a Guest Post:

Note that we are not only jumping from seeking possibilities for guest blogging to contact the blogs. That’s because you need to do a few things before you put forward a guest article for a website you’ve just discovered.

Get to understand the material of the blog:

It is essential to get to understand the material of your destination blog. Sure you realize they’re content with the keyword you’ve been searching for while searching for possibilities for guest comment. But you need to learn more about material like the category and tags.

  • What stage of the crowd (beginners, intermediate, advanced) are they working for?
  • To what kind of crowd do they write? If your company is B2B, you’re going to want your guest post’s log viewer to be a company, not particular users.
  • What kind of material are they writing? Is it mainly general ideas or particular comprehensive tutorials? Are they fond of lists?

See How Other Guest Posts Do:

While there may be guest messages in a blog, the issue is whether guest bloggers do well? Do guest blog entries on the page receive the owner’s blog messages as much remarks and personal sharing? Some locations may recognize words from guests, but if the public only tunes in for the blog proprietor, you’re not going to do that well if your objective is to create power or get traffic back to your site.

See Who the Guest Bloggers Are:

 Some holders of blogs are more probable than others to receive guest messages from certain kinds of individuals. Peruse some guest blogger guest bios on the blog to see if they’re fellow bloggers, freelancers, advisors, company operators, etc. If you present yourself to the blog proprietor for your pitch, this will be essential.

You will want to pitch the blog proprietor with subjects that will do well with their crowd to guarantee that your guest article is adopted. Use the following places to see what messages have been common on social media to get some useful thoughts of subjects that will operate with the blog crowd. Substitute with the domain of the blog.